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Shoretrax - A leading name in timber bike tracks

Portable, customisable track solutions.

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Bring the mountain trail to you

Based in Wiltshire, Shoretrax specialise in supplying high-quality mobile bike track systems, which let you enjoy a remote trail experience, even on the flattest patch of land.

As passionate mountain bikers, we wanted to provide a range of tracks which give you more than just one basic loop or a couple of ramps. Each pack, from our entry-level 10m system to our leading 100m tracks can be fully customised to create a unique trail experience anywhere there is space.

Our equipment is the perfect choice for BMX clubs, mountain bike clubs, schools, councils, and individuals looking to practice. We even provide scale models of the kits, to let you try out exciting new designs before setting up.

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About Shoretrax

Discover what makes our compact, portable and durable systems a great choice.

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Order online

Based in Swindon we can prepare your order and ship to any UK address.

Contact our helpful team

We are always happy to recommend the right system for your needs, or answer any other questions you may have.

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Review our range today

Are you loving your new Shoretrax system? Be sure to leave us a review today; all comments are welcomed.

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