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Discover the Shoretrax portable bike track

Experience the mountain even on the flattest space, with Shoretrax's range of portable track solutions. Find the perfect set for your needs and enjoy nationwide delivery, or speak to our team to discuss the right set for you.

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What is Shoretrax?

The Shoretrax system is a cutting-edge, portable mountain bike track system. With a Shoretrax setup, you can bring the mountain to you! Designed by mountain bikers, for mountain bike riders, each setup is inspired by the trails experienced along Canada's northern shores.


Our systems are perfect for schools, mountain bike clubs, councils and members of the public, and is a great way to work on your biking skills, without having to head to the nearest mountain range.

Every set also comes with a table-top miniature version, allowing you to play around with track designs before breaking out the full-scale set!

View our portfolio of track sets, and enjoy UK wide delivery on any order.


What makes our systems some of the best in the UK?

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Portable and easy to move

When put away, our tracks are compact; even our largest 100m track can comfortably fit in the back of a van!

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A size to suit your space

We have options from 10m in length up to 100m, making us the ideal choice no matter how much space you have.

Modular design

Personalise your track with ease. Create loops, curves, point-to-point designs and more besides.

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Natural materials

We use quality timber in the construction of Shoretrax systems, minimising the impact on our environment.

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